kAL​-​el Returns​.​.​.​(​tha mixtape)

by big AL



released January 4, 2011



all rights reserved


big AL Louisiana

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Track Name: OVER (Unofficial Remix)
I see way 2 few people here right now than I had seen last year/where are all my dawgs/I speak life and peace to my soldiers in this game/who experienced the pain of a fall/what am I doin/what am I doin/oh yeah/that’s right/I’m doin me/I’m living free/I’m speaking life right now/and this what ima do/til it’s over/til its over/it'll soon be over

Verse 1:
Bottles on me/milking this system/dead without Christ/so I live in Him/Beats aren't poisonous/lyrics carry venom/so give me any track/and I swear that ima kill 'em/Never make ya Top 5/ask Rapzilla/but I do Dream/Radio Killa/Still gettin hits/no need 2 pitch a change-up/but some o' u cats need auto-tune/so ya pitch'll change up/cause your sermon notes/never quite reach it/if u don't speak grace/I’ll never say Preach It!/Ephesians 4 & 29/can I get witness/I need more/so I pray 4 5giveness/most of us dudes/only pray 4 exposure/but without development/the light will expose ya/so we better pray b4 the holy paparazzi/lets the average Joe/know we livin sloppy

Verse 2:
One thing about music/when it hits/u feel no pain/if you're a holy hip hop artist/you're probably insane/cause the bane of your existence/is to bring about a change/if you're in it 4 the dollars/then you'll only make some change/I aint trippin/I’m just sayin/I aint playin/this aint no game/I just wanna see my homeboys/step back into this game/da truth and ambassador/tye trib and red cloud/and even tonex/so yall can put ya stones down/he without sin/you can throw the 1st rock/if your life is sin-free/then u must be the Rock/and the folks who u blessed/are structuring your cross/and the debt 4 my sin/u wouldn't wanna pay the cost/so we need 2 pray, restore, and just love alone/cuz like Steve Harvey said/our sins got a microphone/I’m not holy-er than thou/I’m holy-er than he/the old me from 1993/one!
Track Name: Rest of My Days (SWAG Remix)
Verse 1:
I gotta praise on the inside/4 my Father/I might get Weezy when I praise/Dewayne Carter/got a child like praise/Hallelujah 2 Ta Ta/like my baby on my videophone/goo goo/Ga Ga/praise on the inside/man I'm on fire/feel it in my bones/call me jeremii/ima star on the trak/flow like a nerd/smarter than the avg bear/yogi/ya heard/still give Him praise/when I hit the daily planet/my souls thirsts 4 the Lord/like a deer panteth/u might bottle up yo praised/and take your blessings 4 granted/but ima stand on the Word/like a tree/planted


I got a praise on the inside/i gotta let it out/they didn't light my fire/so they shol can't put it out/who r they anyway/they don't know me/they don't my story/but I pray they been redeemed/silence is my enemy/i'll shout it from my lungs/superman when I praise/bcuz my power's from the SON/u might see me dance like an old school revival/cuz He delivered me when I was suicidal/gave me the victory/like a bunch of Lakers/triumph in adversity & amongst my haters/u may not understand why I had to do this/but I got a wackaflocka praise/o let do it